Many people would like the opportunity to spend some time in Australia and study, and they can as long as certain conditions are met.

First, they must be proficient in English, have to do a part or full-time course, and that course should be offered by education or training provider registered with the Australian Government as accepting overseas students. If you want to get an Australian student visa, then you can visit

Ministry of Education, Science, and Training provide complete details but the program includes both vocational and academic.

There are many types of visa which may be different and the conditions attached are:

Independent ELICOS – for those doing good Intensive English courses do not lead to the award of Australia or to the various certificates.

School – for those in primary or secondary education.

Vocational Education and Training – which includes a number of vocational certificates and diplomas.

Higher Education – including degrees and postgraduate qualifications.

Postgraduate study – for them to Master or Doctoral studies.

Non-awards – the basic studies or other components of courses not leading to the award of Australia.

AusAID and Defense – this is a full-time program undertaken by AusAID or Defense students sponsored by the Australian Government

Each applicant for a student visa rated depending on the country where the passport held and visa are required. The assessment level is designed to indicate how likely a student to comply with their visa conditions, based on their previous behavior.

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