The mythology that is related to information, data, and process management is known as BPA i.e. Business Process Automation. BPA is the best way to reduce cost, resources, and investment.

It is the best way to improve productivity by automating key business processes. The use of computing technology is done here. You get a good hold over the business with sap for small business. The software applications can be automated by BPA. The steps in routine business tasks are initiation, execution, and completion.

business process automation

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One of the finest ways to achieve enterprise-wide workflow efficiency is BPA. The outcome of implementing BPA is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. In order to maintain the efficiency of work, business process automation is used.

You can maintain stability and operational productivity with business-critical software applications. You can even increase stability through business-critical software.  One can analyze critical and non-critical business processes with the help of BPA.

One can check dependency through external partners and business processes. Automated software and computing processes can also be developed through this procedure.

BPA fundamental principles are listed below:


The orchestration is a method that is quite helpful for business. It provides centralized management for business computing architecture.


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Business functions are combined here through process-centric boundaries of an organization.

Automated execution

Here less multiple tasks are performed. Even human intervention is least.

If we talk about business process management (BPM) then you should know that here organizational elements are coordinated for the improvement of operational performance.

Business process management helps in attaining things listed below:

  •    Higher customer satisfaction
  •    Good product quality
  •    Delivery and time to market (TTM) speed
  •    It helps organizations in becoming more efficient and effective sap for small business

The activities performed in series for getting achieving desired corporate and business goals. This is profitable for business and its growth to a great extent.