A good SEO starts by analyzing the website and making a note of recommendations to improve and optimize the site for both users as well as the search engines. There are generally two types of SEO techniques which are followed by SEO marketing firms; both of ‘em have been mentioned underneath:

  •         Onsite SEO
  •         Offsite SEO

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  1. Onsite SEO:

It is a fact that having a well-designed website is not enough to receive all quality traffic. No matter how informative your website is, it will generate no traffic in the absence of SEO.

Therefore, the first step to be taken to make your website search engine friendly is through onsite optimization. Onsite SEO, when coupled with efficient offsite SEO, can boost the traffic of your website and improve the overall rankings on the major search engines.

One of the most imperative factors of onsite optimization is keyword research. For your keywords to be effective, they need to be related to the information on your website. Furthermore, your keywords or keywords phrases should be present in the content of the website.

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  1. Offsite SEO:

Offsite SEO is a type of SEO that mainly concentrates on marketing a website on the internet.

Unlike onsite SEO that basically works on optimizing the website itself, off-site SEO process makes use of SEO strategies that aim to gain backlinks from other websites and pointing those backlinks back to the website.

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These backlinks generally come from various sources like niche related website, blogs, article directories, bookmarking sites, forums etc. These backlinks help to redirect relevant traffic to a website.  To get more info on SEO, you can browse the web.

When it comes to backlinks from blogs and other websites, it is important to create links which are of high quality. Doing this, the search engines will see that your website is credible and will increase the ranking of your website.