Do you find out you have bed bugs in your house? Then this is the right time to make your house bedbug free. Bedbug bites usually create an uncomfortable situation because of red marks on the skin not only make you look weird but its bites are very itchy.

Many people want to know how to get rid of bed bug then, there are few steps that need to be  followed in order to to get rid of bedbug

  1. Clear the room properly things you need no more like old newspaper magazines you can pack them into some plastic bags properly.
  2. Clean all the bedding and wash them properly
  3. The cloth that you don’t need or use anymore pack them into some sealed plastic packets.

bed bug

Once the room is completely clear you clean the house through a vacuum that includes all the areas in your house and also the hidden areas. After vacuuming you can repeat the step by a steam cleaner. Apart from this, you can take the help of a pest control expert to make your home bed bug free. While doing all these things, there is always a question in our mind what are the symptoms of a bed bug?

Below listed are some common Bed bug symptoms:

  • The scent of the house

If your house has a very sweet smell then there are possibilities that you have bedbug in your house. The sweet smell is due to chemical discharge by the bedbugs.

bed bug steamer

  • Blood in the mattress or bed sheet

If you find stains in the bed sheet and mattress then there is a probability that bedbug is inside your home. This is the evidence that bedbug is inside your home. Bedbugs usually hide inside mattresses and other bed box areas.

  • Red marks on the skin

The most important symptoms of bed bug bites are red marks on the skin. Bed bugs bite at night if you find any red marks on your skin in the morning then it might be bedbug bite. These red marks are usually very itchy and swelling and have blister around these bites are very common symptoms.

bed bug symptoms

These are some tips to get rid of bedbugs and common symptoms of the presence of bedbugs.  In order to know more about how to identify and kill those bedbugs, you can look at here. You will get complete information about how to kill bedbug by reading this article.