A mini loader or a kanga loader is an excellent gear, recently launched in the market for all the projects that are associated with earthmoving or leveling soil.

In addition, being smaller in size they can be used in narrow passages effectively for digging job.

Usually in most of the mini loaders wheels are attached. In fact there are tracked versions of these machines that are perfect for sandy or muddy areas. If you are also seeking for such loader, look out for kanga hire in Perth to get home on best rates.

  • The reason behind Kanga mini loader is the plethora of attachments, it has, due to which they can be used for multiple task on the construction site.  
  • The 4-in-1 bucket that’s typically castoff on the machine is pretty adaptable, as it can scoop earth or material up to 125 kilos.

  • It can even open the grab items and blade/back blade areas to generate an even and flat surface on the soil. You can even castoff a trenching attachment to dig trenches nearly up to 150mm wide & 1 meter deep.
  • There’s also a revolving hoe attachment if you need to dig a very large area, or a post hole digger attachment that can make holes up to 600mm in width, nearly 1 meter deep or even 2 meters deep if you use an auger extension. 

All of these attachments are easily exchangeable so you can takeover multiple projects with one machine and that is Kanga Kid.

Kanga loaders have a modest key start.  Before turning it on, do make sure you have your ear plugs, spectacles and your work gloves on.

Ensure the parking brake is on the machine and the control is set to low.  Then simply turn the key to start the (motor) engine, step on to the back of the loader and start using the panels to steer the machine.

Using this small loader is not at all tough. Read this full post to gather as much as information possible for you.

No wonder you will also agree after using them that they are one of the best creations till date.