File transfer through network (internet connection) involves a protocol which is used for exchanging the files within a network. The protocol is used on the internet and the intranet. The FTP provides a secure file transfer protocol with the help of which you can securely transfer the information.

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In the file transfer protocol, there is an involvement of two computers, the first computer is an FTP server and the second one is the client. The FTP is basically a database which gets the connection requests from other computers.

The client easily gets connected to the server with the help of FTP transfer program. When two computers get connected to each other then you can upload, delete, rename and manipulate files according to your requirement.

FTP is considered the most cost-effective way for transferring the information between the two computers.

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Once the FTP is successfully installed on your machine then you are required to connect to an FTP server to move the files. If your website is hosted on any of the hosting websites available, you will be given an FTP server login information from your web admin page.

And you are further required to create an FTP account to get started. Once your account is created, it is essential for you to share your username and password with your FTP client program. Then you are ready to host the FTP server and also can move the files using it. Though you will need to have an internet connection to do this transmission.

The FTP client will be given a button to click to establish a connection. Once the connection is successfully made then you will see the files and folders on your local machine, and files and folder on your remote server.

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