Today, we all are watching videos for various purposes. Videos have become quite popular in the past few years. One of the major reason behind this is the easy access to smartphones and the internet.

More than 90% of the American adults are using the smartphone and almost everyone has access to the internet. No marketing strategy is complete with the efficient use of video advertising. Therefore, the majority of the businesses are shifting to the video marketing.

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San Diego video production companies offer a wide range of solutions both for small and large businesses. Video advertising has enormous benefits. Let’s have a look at the key advantages of video advertising:

More customers     

More than 4 billion people watch video on youtube every day. People love to watch videos. Video advertising allows you to place a few seconds video either in the starting, mid or at the end of any video on youtube. This is the great way to target your customers.

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More sales

Almost one-third of the shopper’s purchase product after viewing the video ad. Video advertising increases the conversion rate up to 35%. Video advertising influence the customers in such an impactful way that it creates leads for your business.  

Conveys message

Today’s time-starved consumers do not want to spend time on reading company blogs or website to get information about the products of the company. They want information fast. A video is a great way to convey your message in short time.

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Brand building

Video advertising helps in building the brand image of your business. Posting your promotional videos on social media in an interactive way attracts new users. People love to share the video with their friends and family. If you are able to get the attention of the visitors, your brand can go viral within a span of few days.     

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