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Smartphones and mobile applications have become synonyms in the technology world, with mobile first strategy becoming authoritative for all organizations. Conferring to a recent Nielsen report an average users have almost 41 applications installed on their smartphones. Fascinatingly this number has seen a sheer rise of nearly 28 percent YOY, stating that users are getting more inclined towards using mobile applications than web browser.

There is no denying the fact that users are continually deleting old apps and installing new applications to find the perfect balance for carrying out their daily queries. Numerous analysts are of the view that there would be 89 billion mobile applications downloaded by the end of 2015. That is an astounding figure and shows how mobile applications are becoming the core of all information sharing in the current socio-economic paradigm.  You can get to know about CRM for small business via various online sources.

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Mobile applications provide a unified integration with the smartphone platform which allows for more intuitive interaction with the users that is not possible on web browser. This era of mobile applications was started by Apple in 2008 when it launched its app store starting a wave of revolution that would grow out to become a $25 billion market by the end of 2013. Within a span of five years, Apple app store has grown to become a huge marketplace of over 850,000 apps with 50 billion downloads. You can also navigate to this website to get more information on mobile application development.

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This has given app developers a new horizon by linking the gap between users and entailing real time communication as well as information sharing. By the last quarter of 2012, App developers had roped in over $10 billion in revenue, which clearly showed the content monetization techniques applied by the cupertino company and the appearance of a new dimension for content sharing. Before you start with the mobile application development phase, you have to know your target audience.

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On the other hand the smartphone platform, coming out of the stable of Google, also managed to depict a drastic effect on the developer community as well as end users. Taking the bulk of the market, android was able to match iOS, with more than 800,000 applications. There are prospects that Google’s Play store would surpass the same download milestone as Apple by the end of 2013.

The overall consumer centric app ecosystem has seen an exponential boost, with closely two million applications being deployed across all mobile platforms. However this has created a stagnation of applications as developers find it difficult to reach end users.