Digital marketing is a topic which is highly trending these days. People all around the world are opting to learn, practice and work in the digital field .

It is now being said by many that Online Marketing is the future. Further, as it is an entirely practical subject, it is fetching a great deal of attention especially from the youngsters.

Digital Marketing is a quiet deep topic to discuss. But briefly telling, any marketing which can be performed through a variety of digital platforms can be referred to as Digital Marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation

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People all around the globe are choosing online marketing for the purposes of marketing of their businesses. One may explore , in order to get more information about digital marketing.

Being a very vast subject, Digital marketing consists of numerous elements like email-marketing, affiliate marketing, paid marketing and many others.

But, today in this article, we will be talking about one of the most popular elements of Digital marketing i.e. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Search engine optimization is considered to be a very crucial component of digital marketing. In fact, for the startup companies and for the people who are beginners to digital marketing, SEO is one of the best tools of marketing .

This is owing to the fact that Search engine optimization is entirely free of cost and it doesn’t require any sort of investment.

Framework Of SEO

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Let us now understand what exactly search engine optimization means?

Search Engine Optimization can be defined as any activity which tries to improve the ranks of a certain webpage or website in the organic search results of any search engine via organically earned clicks only and not through the paid clicks.

Even though Search engine optimization takes a bit more time to give results, but once the results are achieved by us, they are going to last long until Google finds any better quality than ours .

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When doing Search Engine Optimization for a website, there is a need to build high level trust in the eyes of Google and its users that the website is genuine. Due to this trust building, Search Engine Optimization takes a bit more time to provide results as compared to the paid ads which are known for giving quick results.