The most common complaint dealership owner hear from their customers is related to the repair department. Whether it is an authorization dispute, repair order dispute, billing conflicts or lack of communication with the repair staff.

Dealership owner often loses customers because of the poor customer service. After purchasing a car, most of the time a customer visits the dealership for repair or fixing some issue of car and this is where dealership loses customers because of little flaws in the management of repair department.

dealership texting

These days majority of the dealership owners are using technology for managing repair department efficiently. Auto repair text messaging is one such technological measure that is used by dealerships to efficiently manage the communication of car dealerships.

Auto dealership text messaging has enormous benefits and helps in improving the communication of dealership with customers to a great extent. Let’s have a look at key benefits of auto dealerships texting:

Easy approval

The repair technician can get approval from customers for repair order easily via text. If the customer is not able to pick the call and your technician requires immediate approval for changing vehicle part, text messaging will help you in getting approvals. This significantly reduces the repair order disputes with the customers.  

repair technician


Technicians can send the image of what work is going on the vehicle to the vehicle owner. It helps to earn the trust of the customers. If you are not able to describe vehicle problem over the phone to the customer, you can send the images to the customer to easily describe the vehicle condition.

happy customer

Appointment scheduling      

Your repair staff can manage all the appointment easily on the single screen. Dealerships can also send the reminder and notification to the customers for the appointment using texting software.

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