The majority of hammertoes can be prevented and treated without surgery. Recognizing the symptoms of hammertoes will help you to catch the affliction in its early stages so that you can obtain treatment before surgery becomes necessary.

While it is always necessary to consult with your own physician before dismissing your hammertoe discomfort, there are plenty of ways that you can prevent the occurrence of hammertoes and some simple exercises to practice to relieve the daily discomfort of hammertoes.

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Hammertoes sometimes develop because of inherited tendency, but can also develop if you wear shoes that are too small or too tight across the toe area of the shoe. Women may find that they suffer from hammertoes if they wear high-heeled shoes often and consistently. The compression of the toes will create an uneven distribution of the pressure of the tendons and ligaments of the toe joints.

This will cause the toes to bend sharply or curl uncomfortably. Sometimes you may experience a burning sensation or swollen, red joints. Open sores may even develop.

These symptoms might appear on the toes, on the balls of your feet, or in between your toes. If you find that you are consistently experiencing pain on your toes or calluses and corns develop, take the time to schedule a visit with your doctor. Catching the condition early and consulting with a hammertoes doctor right away can make it easier to find relief and will lessen the chances of surgery as a correction.

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