Because our kind is the type to commit so many atrocities so we need people who can actually pick us up and try to make us walk the path of the right. Lawyers and attorney are there to think for us and tot tell us what to do in these cases. As long as we have the money to employ them to ourselves, we can be saved. Half the time at least. And when you have done something particularly, well you better hope to God that you can at least live until the end of this day with the help of your Currituck NC criminal attorney.

To be honest, we have a love and hate relationship with lawyers. We are happy that they exist because most of the time, people get framed for things they have not done and sometimes they need to be defended by attorneys.

But then there are times when evil men and women just do not want to do some jail time so they hire some really good lawyers for a good price and then proceed to walk off scot-free. Disgusting really.

And because lawyers just do not turn down that kind of cases as they should, they would just take the case anyway and get the money they want because of most of them are greedy people without any shred of integrity within them.

We wish that there were fewer people like that so the world would be a slightly better place, really. But then again, it would not be our world if all it had were good people, right? No. Of course not. That would be too BORING.

Of course, we would have despicable people in this plane of existence too. Our world is like a big ugly cesspool for the worst of the worst, to be honest. The only way for us to be redeemed is if the world would just explode, killing all of us and then restarting humanity without any memory of its previous life.

Oh, now there is a thought. What if this is not the first life Earth had? What if there was an undocumented life for humans way back then? When it was really bad and was completely I redeemable at all? And then because God got so sick of us that He got rid of us and erased any traces of that life so it would not be repeated? Now that is a concept.

If only our world is not spiraling back down to that path again. Except for this time, our disgusting side is plain in the open with disguises of lies and decided. Making us think that this wonderful person is a good person but in truth is actually a murdering psychopath.

Lawyers got their work cut out for them, to be honest. But if they keep taking all these absurd and cruel cases that would prove fatal for the innocent ones involved, then maybe they should already be saving their special seat in hell. And not as the best friends of Satan because there would be no punishment for that.